SCD Causes a Mutation in the Hemoglobin Structure

The Type of SCD Depends on the Mutation

Sickle Cell Traits vs SCD Genotypes1,3-6

Sickle Cell Trait
Sickle cell trait graphic

Individuals with sickle cell trait inherit 1 mutant allele (Hbs)

  • ~8% of African Americans are sickle cell trait carriers1
Sickle Cell Anemia
Sickle cell anemia graphic

Individuals with sickle cell anemia inherit 2 HbS alleles

  • ~74%-76%* of SCD population4,5
  • ~70% are of African ancestry4,5
Other SCD Genotypes
Other SCD genotypes graphic

Individuals inherit 1 HbS allele and another mutant Hb allele

5 different subtypes, depending on other mutation

  • HbSC represents ~18%-24% of SCD population4,5*
    • ~25%-30% are of African ancestry
  • HbSβ0-thalassemia represents ~1%-6% of SCD population4,5*
    • Most prevalent in people of Eastern Mediterranean or Indian descent
  • HbSβ+-thalassemia represents ~1%-6% of SCD population4,5*
    • Most prevalent in people of Eastern Mediterranean or Indian descent
  • HbSD represents 1.3% of SCD population5*
    • Most prevalent in northern India but occurs worldwide
  • HbSα-thalassemia6
    • ~40% are of African ancestry
    • ~45% are of South East Asian ancestry



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