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Generation S is a movement to raise awareness of SCD and to provide your patients with information. A variety of resources and hundreds of patient stories are available on

SCD Companion App
Get the SCD Companion App


The SCD Companion app provides no-cost tools to help your patients manage sickle cell disease and track pain crises from their mobile device. Explore the features now. It's an easy way to keep support by their side. The app is sponsored by Novartis and created by Curatio.

Generation S brochure
Generation S Brochure


People with sickle cell disease can visit Generation S to learn more about SCD and to help shape the conversation about the disease for generations to come.

Sickle cell disease HCP locator
Sickle Cell Disease HCP Locator


A tool, based on location, to help you find hematologists who treat patients with SCD. This tool may also be helpful when your patients transition from pediatric to adult care.

Generation S story mosaic
Generation S Story Mosaic


Generation S members share stories of challenge, hope, and inspiration. Their experiences are leading the movement to raise awareness and show what living with sickle cell disease is like. Check out the Story Mosaic to see just how many people have opened up to Generation S.
Your patient's sickle cell game plan
Sickle Cell Game Plan for Your Patients


The tool will allow patients to visualize and determine how the disease has impacted their quality of life. It also provides tips, recommendations, and resources on what they can do to improve it.
Transition brochure for your patients

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